The Toughest Seawalls in Michigan

A seawall is often the best method for stopping soil erosion and creating an effective barrier between your property and the shoreline. While wood and vinyl seawalls are both excellent choices, we can help you choose the type of wall that is perfect for your unique situation. We also offer environmentally friendly ‘natural shoreline protection’ with the installation of limestone barriers.

Fleming Marine is known for creating over-engineered walls that are designed to withstand Michigan’s harsh and unpredictable weather conditions. Keep reading to see more about the different types of walls that we offer.

Vinyl Seawall Installation on Otsego Lake in Michigan

35 Years Experience in Seawall Construction

Decades of experience has taught us a lot about building the strongest seawalls in Michigan. We have learned many different methods to extend the life of our walls beyond what others are capable of. There are several critical elements to a wall’s construction that we take extra time to ensure are built correctly.

The vertical posts that hold the wall into the ground are one of the most important components. We always bury our posts below the frost line to ensure that they can’t be moved by frost. Posts that aren’t buried deep enough will allow Michigan’s sub-freezing temperatures to move the wall or in some cases literally begin lift it right out of the ground. Deadmen (tie backs) are used to anchor the wall horizontally into the land. Our deadmen are constructed with high quality lumber and fasteners to the highest specifications. They are installed deep into the ground in a way that maximizes leverage while providing an unparalleled level of structural integrity.

The front side of the wall that faces the water is made up of material that is referred to as ‘face sheets’. We sink our face sheet deep underground. In fact, half of the face sheet material is under ground level which offers additional security to the wall. An often overlooked part of wall construction is drainage. Walls without a proper drainage system will eventually be damaged or destroyed by the freeze/thaw cycle. This is why every one of our walls are designed with drain tile that allows water to naturally flow through the wall, eliminating harmful ice buildup. Finally, after the construction of the wall is complete, we provide proper backfill that facilitates drainage.

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Vinyl Seawalls

Vinyl seawalls are a great choice for their attractive appearance and their resistance to the elements. Vinyl is an ideal selection for someone who wants to have an extremely low maintenance wall. Vinyl face sheets will last longer than wood.

Vinyl Seawall on Otsego Lake in Gaylord Michigan

Wood Seawalls

Wood seawalls are a very popular choice with many of our customers. Wood provides a natural appearance and is more appropriate for certain settings. While it is a more cost effective option, face boards will need to be replaced eventually.

Wood Seawall on Dodge Lake in Michigan

Shoreline Protection (rip rap)

Our shoreline protection systems are an ideal choice for several different reasons. First, rock barriers are effective at displacing wave energy that can cause erosion. Secondly, it has become increasingly difficult to obtain a permit for a new seawall construction in Michigan. It’s much more simple to install a limestone barrier instead. These barriers are also a better selection for preserving the natural habitat of marine plants and animals. In addition, limestone barriers also offer a natural appearance that many customers prefer.

Every shoreline protection system we install starts with the shaping of the shoreline. We then carefully lay filter cloth and strategically place the limestone on top. This allows for a natural water flow while discouraging erosion and land loss. The jagged edges of limestones allow them to stay together more securely than other rock barriers. Limestone can be installed as a standalone solution or placed at the bottom of a seawall for added protection.

Limestone Shoreline Protection in Metamora Michigan