Seawall Repair

We understand that it’s not always economically feasible to replace your current seawall. Many times we can repair what you have. In most severe cases we can at least give you 2 to 5 more years with what you have.

There are many different types of problems that can cause the failure of improperly designed seawalls. It’s common for us to encounter walls where the sheeting hasn’t been installed deep enough into the lake bed. This defect can cause a wall to fail in a very short amount of time. Waves will wash away soil at the base of the wall removing essential support that the wall needs. Adding rip-rap to the toe of the seawall can help prevent the soil erosion and add extra support for the wall.

Below are a few pictures of common issues that we encounter out in the field. We have been fixing damaged walls for years and will most likely be able to help you with any problem you’re having on your property.

A Message From the Owner

“I have been building retainer walls since 1981. When I started, most of our walls were  built out of 6 inch treated landscape timbers, steel sheeting or concrete. We now have several alternatives that were not available in the 80’s. Vinyl products for decks and seawalls are great products with several manufactures, types and styles to choose from. Most are good, some are great and some are not good at all. We have worked with many of these products and have 1st hand knowledge of their qualities. I have built seawalls, decks, beach stairs, installed rip-rap or field stone since 1992. We have the experience to take your project from our 1st site inspection to grass seed. When getting estimates you will find we have the knowledge and experience you are looking for.” – John Fleming

Smallwood Lake Retainer Wall FailureBrooks Lake Concrete Wall and Patio Failure
Lake Charlevoix Steel Seawall Failure