Beach Sanding

Sandy beach areas make it easy to enjoy relaxing next to the shoreline. Not only do they have an attractive appearance, but they’re great spaces for entertaining friends and family. Kids love playing in these beach areas. Fleming Marine Construction offers a beach sanding service to compliment a seawall or as a standalone service. Having sand placed behind a seawall is also an excellent choice to facilitate proper drainage.

There are several methods we use to create beach areas that our customers love. One of the most popular is the use of wood retainer walls to separate the land and soil behind the wall, creating the perfect space for a sandy beach area in front. You then get the benefit of having both the traditional grass yard as well as a beach area. Fieldstone barriers are also used to create an ideal area for sand placement. Many property owners prefer sand just for the simple fact that it is very low maintenance.

Beach Sanding on Crooked Lake in Michigan
Beach Sanding in Sanford Michigan
Beach Sanding On Smallwood Lake in Gladwin Michigan