About Fleming Marine

John Fleming, the founder of Fleming Marine, has nearly 35 years of experience in marine construction. John and his team have been building seawalls and retainer walls since the early 1980s. Being in business for so long has given them a unique opportunity to see firsthand how well our projects withstand the elements. Anyone can claim that their walls will last for 20 to 30 years, but they actually have walls that are old enough to prove the point!

Over the past few decades they have seen many new building materials hit the market. They have experience using a wide variety of these materials which gives great insight into what works and what to avoid.

John, Pat, and Rick Fleming

(Above: John, Pat, and Rick Fleming)

John was joined in business by his father, Pat Fleming, in the mid 80s and later by his son Rick Fleming in the summer of 2012. Rick spent his whole life being exposed to the seawall business and was finally ready to take on a leadership role. He brings a youthful energy to the team and now has over 12 years of hands-on experience running his own crews and successfully completing some very challenging jobs.

Fleming Marine has always operated with customer satisfaction as a number one priority. The longevity of their jobs speaks for itself. Not only do their walls last the longest, but they will handle your entire project from permit to grass seed!